Startup and IPO Sherpa Services

If your start-up is having scaling challenges because of either you or your team's execution - I will be your sherpa to exit, IPO, and beyond.


You have product-market fit, but you need help

How can I help?

Are you a founder wondering why the hundreds of people you've hired aren't producing what you think they should be?

Are you a product executive trying to figure out why none of your launches are landing?

Are you an engineering executive struggling to scale your team and the platform?

Do you just need a hands-on coach can give you real advice to do the job to be done - even if you don't want to hear it?

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Organization Design

I will help you design an organization that meets your business needs for today and tomorrow. We'll work together to understand what are the key initiatives that require full-stack ownership and reset your organization so that it supports the company you want to be, not the company you started from.

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Product Strategy and Operations

I will help you define the leading and lagging indicators of your platform so that you can empower your product managers to drive innovation independently, yet cohesively towards the broader company goals. Along the way, we'll create order from chaos, and drive predictability in your delivery.

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Software Engineering

I will help you define the architecture principles that will help drive solid designs throughout your organization so that you get consistency of design and consistency of behavior throughout your organization. If you're struggling keeping the platform up, I can help you run retrospectives as a neutral third-party and help you and the team get your groove back.

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I will be your trusted consiegliere on how to handle situations you're dealing with running your company or your team. I won't ask you to take a personality test or meditate, but I will ask for concrete details on what's going on. I will literally watch tape of you in action, and coach you, the athlete, towards peak performance.

How can I help?

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